The B.W. Bastian Foundation only supports organizations who wholeheartedly embrace the principle of equality. As such, each organization must include a statement specifically stating their commitment of equality for all Americans, including the gay and lesbian community in their application.

What We Do and Do Not Fund

We no longer accept unsolicited grant requests from any organization.  You must first enquire by email or phone.


Our typical grant ranges from $100 to $15,000.  Even if you have received funding from the Foundation, you must first enquire about the possibility of applying for a grant by email or telephone.  Also, if you wish to apply for more grant money than last years request, or above our $15,000 limit, it is absolutely necessary to contact Michael

We avoid multiple year grants, and we only accept grants once in a calendar year from any organization.  Typically, we do not accept proposals for building or large capital projects.  Grants will only be made to non profit organizations or those entities that have a 501(C)3 tax status.  If you have received 3 years of consecutive funding, you may be asked to refrain from reapplying for 1 year.  Again, feel free to contact Michael with any questions or comments relating to grant submissions.  A phone call or email can save alot of time and effort!   

What We Do Fund:

Requests for general operating support
Project support, specific programs, advocacy and capacity building

What We Do Not Fund:

No grants are made to individuals
No grants are made for lobbying, political campaigns, medical research
No grants are made to any organization outside of our geographic area with hopes of making their program into a National project
Film productions, scholarship projects, and capital projects 

Geographic Focus

Primarily, we fund in the Intermountain West region of the United States which includes Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.  We also fund Nationally in the U. S.  (those projects of national scope and/or impact).

Deadlines and Funding Timelines

Application deadlines for submittal: 

Proposal Due
 Grants Awarded
 March 15th  May 15
 September 15th   October 30th
 November 15th**
** HOLIDAY GRANT CYCLE by invitation only

 IMPORTANT NOTES:  Current grantees should submit a Online Grant Report prior to reapplying.  Also when writing your Executive Summary, please write a concise, detail of your grant request. Do not re-explain what your group does or add fluff! Please include in your proposal how you feel your proposal meets the mission of the B. W. Bastian Foundation.  Also, make sure you include a mailing address!!!